How to Use Fillable PDFs the Right Way


If you’re planning on printing this workbook out and writing your responses then you can skip this page and enjoy the printable.

If you’re going to take advantage of the fillable sections and type in your responses, then I need you to pay close attention to the instructions on this page. Do not save your responses from the browser, you will not be able to go back and change your responses later if you choose to do so. Follow the instructions below to ensure if you want to save and change your responses, you can with very little problem.

STEP 1: You must have Adobe Reader for your pages to save your content. If you don’t have Adobe Reader you can download it here for free. Or place this address in your browser:

STEP 2: Chances are you have accessed this workbook using the Chrome browser or some other browser. In other words open the workbook on your web browser.

STEP 3: Download the PDF or right click and choose “SAVE AS” to save on your DESKTOP. Save as PDF. (Technically you can save the file wherever you want but I find it’s easier to locate for some people if they just save on their desktop. You certainly don’t want a bunch of random files on your desktop.)

STEP 4: Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader. You can do this by opening Adobe Reader and then opening the file from here by clicking on File and then Open. Or you can open the file from the desktop and it may open up Adobe for you.

STEP 5: Type in some text and click SAVE. Close the PDF. Reopen the file and check that your text has been saved. If you see your text there you are good to go!!! If not, see if you accidently skipped any of the previous steps.

Remember: DO NOT save from the browser. You MUST save the PDF locally and work from that file in order to save and edit your responses.