Refund & Return Policy

Aprille T Reed, LLC. Refund & Return Policy at Aprille Reed Shop


This Refund & Return Policy below describes how returns and refunds are handled when you make a purchase from (the “Site”).

⛔STOP⛔ If you think you may request a refund from this shop, don't even bother purchasing! All sales are final!

All sales are final. Due to the nature of the products of this shop being digital - All sales are final. What that means is that no refunds or returns will be granted at this time.

Missed applied discount codes. From time to time we may offer discount codes.  We are unable to make adjustments if a discount code is not applied correctly and/or is expired. We also will NOT refund you if you didn't understand the product you purchased was a digital product.

All products in this shop are digital products. We do not sell physical products in this shop. Nothing will be shipped.

We have taken reasonable steps to label this information all throughout the site so that no one can miss it. Every product in this shop is labeled as a digital product.

Throughout the whole buying process, we've made it absolutely clear this is a digital product. If you have missed the information, we are very sorry, however there are no refunds.

Please make special note that the refund policy written here on this page pertains to and doesn't necessarily cross over to the main site at If you purchased something at please read the refund policy directly for that site only.