License Rights

Aprille T Reed, LLC. License Rights Policy at Aprille Reed Shop


This License Rights Policy below describes the use of our products when you make a purchase from (the “Site”).

Please note that the license you have purchased is exclusively for your own Personal Use. I retain all rights, license, copyright, title, and ownership of the products.

Printables are password protected. You may NOT Sell, share or redistribute, transfer, give away for free as part of a giveaway, give away outside your principle residence, assign, edit, copy, or otherwise alter these PDF's and printables. 

You can share printed copies within your own principle residence to be stored at your principle residence only. You CANNOT give away outside of your home (principle residence) to a friend.

Look, I don't know all the mumbo jumbo, basically don't still my stuff. If you were selling items, trying to make a living for your family, would you want people just paying once for your product and then sharing your stuff with other people freely? Just be honest and not cheapskate. That's all I'm trying to say here.