Shipping Policy

Even though we only sell digital product, we had to create this page.

Everything in this shop is digital, so you will not be charged any shipping costs. Hurray! Shipping cost suck!

Since all my products are digital, there's literally nothing to be shipped, at all, like ever. 

Which is awesome because that means you can get your items way sooner. Like at the speed of your Wi-Fi. 

So how this works, after you make a purchase, you will be redirected to your product page which will contain a download link where you can to download your product.

You will have a maximum of 8 times to download from that link, but you should only need the link once. Just download your product and save it somewhere you know you can get to it. And all links are set to expire within 183 days. So you have 6 months to download your item. But don't wait that long. Geesh.